Kernel driver tps53679

Supported chips:

Vadim Pasternak <> Guenter Roeck <>


Chips in this series are multi-phase step-down converters with one or two output channels and up to 8 phases per channel.

Usage Notes

This driver does not probe for PMBus devices. You will have to instantiate devices explicitly.

Example: the following commands will load the driver for an TPS53681 at address 0x60 on I2C bus #1:

# modprobe tps53679
# echo tps53681 0x60 > /sys/bus/i2c/devices/i2c-1/new_device

Sysfs attributes

in1_label “vin”
in1_input Measured input voltage.

Critical minimum input voltage

TPS53679, TPS53681, TPS53688 only.


Input voltage critical low alarm.

TPS53679, TPS53681, TPS53688 only.

in1_crit Critical maximum input voltage.
in1_crit_alarm Input voltage critical high alarm.


  • TPS53647, TPS53667: N=2
  • TPS53679, TPS53588: N=2,3
in[N]_input Measured output voltage.

Critical minimum input voltage.

TPS53679, TPS53681, TPS53688 only.


Critical minimum voltage alarm.

TPS53679, TPS53681, TPS53688 only.


Output voltage alarm.

TPS53647, TPS53667 only.


Critical maximum output voltage.

TPS53679, TPS53681, TPS53688 only.


Output voltage critical high alarm.

TPS53679, TPS53681, TPS53688 only.


Measured temperature.

  • TPS53647, TPS53667: N=1
  • TPS53679, TPS53681, TPS53588: N=1,2
temp[N]_max Maximum temperature.
temp[N]_crit Critical high temperature.
temp[N]_max_alarm Temperature high alarm.
temp[N]_crit_alarm Temperature critical high alarm.
power1_label “pin”.
power1_input Measured input power.


  • TPS53647, TPS53667: N=2
  • TPS53679, TPS53681, TPS53588: N=2,3
power[N]_input Measured output power.
curr1_label “iin”.
curr1_input Measured input current.
curr1_max Maximum input current.
curr1_max_alarm Input current high alarm.
curr1_crit Critical input current.
curr1_crit_alarm Input current critical alarm.

“iout[1-2]” or “iout1.[0-5]”.

The first digit is the output channel, the second digit is the phase within the channel. Per-phase telemetry supported on TPS53681 only.

  • TPS53647, TPS53667: N=2
  • TPS53679, TPS53588: N=2,3
  • TPS53681: N=2-9
curr[N]_input Measured output current.
curr[N]_max Maximum output current.
curr[N]_crit Critical high output current.
curr[N]_max_alarm Output current high alarm.

Output current critical high alarm.

Limit and alarm attributes are only available for non-phase telemetry (iout1, iout2).