Broadcom BCM54140 Quad SGMII/QSGMII PHY

Supported chips:

  • Broadcom BCM54140

    Datasheet: not public

Author: Michael Walle <>


The Broadcom BCM54140 is a Quad SGMII/QSGMII PHY which supports monitoring its die temperature as well as two analog voltages.

The AVDDL is a 1.0V analogue voltage, the AVDDH is a 3.3V analogue voltage. Both voltages and the temperature are measured in a round-robin fashion.

Sysfs entries

The following attributes are supported.

in0_label “AVDDL”
in0_input Measured AVDDL voltage.
in0_min Minimum AVDDL voltage.
in0_max Maximum AVDDL voltage.
in0_alarm AVDDL voltage alarm.
in1_label “AVDDH”
in1_input Measured AVDDH voltage.
in1_min Minimum AVDDH voltage.
in1_max Maximum AVDDH voltage.
in1_alarm AVDDH voltage alarm.
temp1_input Die temperature.
temp1_min Minimum die temperature.
temp1_max Maximum die temperature.
temp1_alarm Die temperature alarm.