Kernel driver corsair-psu

Supported devices:

  • Corsair Power Supplies

    Corsair HX550i

    Corsair HX650i

    Corsair HX750i

    Corsair HX850i

    Corsair HX1000i

    Corsair HX1200i

    Corsair RM550i

    Corsair RM650i

    Corsair RM750i

    Corsair RM850i

    Corsair RM1000i

Author: Wilken Gottwalt


This driver implements the sysfs interface for the Corsair PSUs with a HID protocol interface of the HXi and RMi series. These power supplies provide access to a micro-controller with 2 attached temperature sensors, 1 fan rpm sensor, 4 sensors for volt levels, 4 sensors for power usage and 4 sensors for current levels and addtional non-sensor information like uptimes.

Sysfs entries

curr1_input Total current usage
curr2_input Current on the 12v psu rail
curr3_input Current on the 5v psu rail
curr4_input Current on the 3.3v psu rail
fan1_input RPM of psu fan
in0_input Voltage of the psu ac input
in1_input Voltage of the 12v psu rail
in2_input Voltage of the 5v psu rail
in3_input Voltage of the 3.3 psu rail
power1_input Total power usage
power2_input Power usage of the 12v psu rail
power3_input Power usage of the 5v psu rail
power4_input Power usage of the 3.3v psu rail
temp1_input Temperature of the psu vrm component
temp2_input Temperature of the psu case

Usage Notes

It is an USB HID device, so it is auto-detected and supports hot-swapping.

Flickering values in the rail voltage levels can be an indicator for a failing PSU. The driver also provides some additional useful values via debugfs, which do not fit into the hwmon class.

Debugfs entries

uptime Current uptime of the psu
uptime_total Total uptime of the psu
vendor Vendor name of the psu
product Product name of the psu