Kernel driver max6697

Supported chips:


Guenter Roeck <>


This driver implements support for several MAX6697 compatible temperature sensor chips. The chips support one local temperature sensor plus four, six, or seven remote temperature sensors. Remote temperature sensors are diode-connected thermal transitors, except for MAX6698 which supports three diode-connected thermal transistors plus three thermistors in addition to the local temperature sensor.

The driver provides the following sysfs attributes. temp1 is the local (chip) temperature, temp[2..n] are remote temperatures. The actually supported per-channel attributes are chip type and channel dependent.

tempX_input RO temperature
tempX_max RW temperature maximum threshold
tempX_max_alarm RO temperature maximum threshold alarm
tempX_crit RW temperature critical threshold
tempX_crit_alarm RO temperature critical threshold alarm
tempX_fault RO temperature diode fault (remote sensors only)