Kernel driver isl68137

Supported chips:



Intersil ISL68137 is a digital output 7-phase configurable PWM controller with an AVSBus interface.

Usage Notes

This driver does not probe for PMBus devices. You will have to instantiate devices explicitly.

The ISL68137 AVS operation mode must be enabled/disabled at runtime.

Beyond the normal sysfs pmbus attributes, the driver exposes a control attribute.

Additional Sysfs attributes

avs(0|1)_enable Controls the AVS state of each rail.
curr1_label “iin”
curr1_input Measured input current
curr1_crit Critical maximum current
curr1_crit_alarm Current critical high alarm
curr[2-3]_label “iout[1-2]”
curr[2-3]_input Measured output current
curr[2-3]_crit Critical maximum current
curr[2-3]_crit_alarm Current critical high alarm
in1_label “vin”
in1_input Measured input voltage
in1_lcrit Critical minimum input voltage
in1_lcrit_alarm Input voltage critical low alarm
in1_crit Critical maximum input voltage
in1_crit_alarm Input voltage critical high alarm
in[2-3]_label “vout[1-2]”
in[2-3]_input Measured output voltage
in[2-3]_lcrit Critical minimum output voltage
in[2-3]_lcrit_alarm Output voltage critical low alarm
in[2-3]_crit Critical maximum output voltage
in[2-3]_crit_alarm Output voltage critical high alarm
power1_label “pin”
power1_input Measured input power
power1_alarm Input power high alarm
power[2-3]_label “pout[1-2]”
power[2-3]_input Measured output power
temp[1-3]_input Measured temperature
temp[1-3]_crit Critical high temperature
temp[1-3]_crit_alarm Chip temperature critical high alarm
temp[1-3]_max Maximum temperature
temp[1-3]_max_alarm Chip temperature high alarm