SUN RPC subsystem

xdr_encode_opaque_fixed — Encode fixed length opaque data
xdr_encode_opaque — Encode variable length opaque data
xdr_terminate_string — '\0'-terminate a string residing in an xdr_buf
xdr_stream_pos — Return the current offset from the start of the xdr_stream
xdr_init_encode — Initialize a struct xdr_stream for sending data.
xdr_commit_encode — Ensure all data is written to buffer
xdr_reserve_space — Reserve buffer space for sending
xdr_truncate_encode — truncate an encode buffer
xdr_restrict_buflen — decrease available buffer space
xdr_write_pages — Insert a list of pages into an XDR buffer for sending
xdr_init_decode — Initialize an xdr_stream for decoding data.
xdr_init_decode_pages — Initialize an xdr_stream for decoding into pages
xdr_set_scratch_buffer — Attach a scratch buffer for decoding data.
xdr_inline_decode — Retrieve XDR data to decode
xdr_read_pages — Ensure page-based XDR data to decode is aligned at current pointer position
xdr_enter_page — decode data from the XDR page
xdr_buf_subsegment — set subbuf to a portion of buf
xdr_buf_trim — lop at most len bytes off the end of buf
xdr_stream_decode_string_dup — Decode and duplicate variable length string
svc_print_addr — Format rq_addr field for printing
svc_reserve — change the space reserved for the reply to a request.
svc_find_xprt — find an RPC transport instance
svc_xprt_names — format a buffer with a list of transport names
xprt_register_transport — register a transport implementation
xprt_unregister_transport — unregister a transport implementation
xprt_load_transport — load a transport implementation
xprt_reserve_xprt — serialize write access to transports
xprt_release_xprt — allow other requests to use a transport
xprt_release_xprt_cong — allow other requests to use a transport
xprt_release_rqst_cong — housekeeping when request is complete
xprt_adjust_cwnd — adjust transport congestion window
xprt_wake_pending_tasks — wake all tasks on a transport's pending queue
xprt_wait_for_buffer_space — wait for transport output buffer to clear
xprt_write_space — wake the task waiting for transport output buffer space
xprt_set_retrans_timeout_def — set a request's retransmit timeout
xprt_set_retrans_timeout_rtt — set a request's retransmit timeout
xprt_disconnect_done — mark a transport as disconnected
xprt_force_disconnect — force a transport to disconnect
xprt_lookup_rqst — find an RPC request corresponding to an XID
xprt_complete_rqst — called when reply processing is complete
xprt_get — return a reference to an RPC transport.
xprt_put — release a reference to an RPC transport.
rpc_wake_up — wake up all rpc_tasks
rpc_wake_up_status — wake up all rpc_tasks and set their status value.
rpc_malloc — allocate RPC buffer resources
rpc_free — free RPC buffer resources allocated via rpc_malloc
xdr_skb_read_bits — copy some data bits from skb to internal buffer
xdr_partial_copy_from_skb — copy data out of an skb
csum_partial_copy_to_xdr — checksum and copy data
rpc_alloc_iostats — allocate an rpc_iostats structure
rpc_free_iostats — release an rpc_iostats structure
rpc_count_iostats_metrics — tally up per-task stats
rpc_count_iostats — tally up per-task stats
rpc_queue_upcall — queue an upcall message to userspace
rpc_mkpipe_dentry — make an rpc_pipefs file for kernel<->userspace communication
rpc_unlink — remove a pipe
rpc_init_pipe_dir_head — initialise a struct rpc_pipe_dir_head
rpc_init_pipe_dir_object — initialise a struct rpc_pipe_dir_object
rpc_add_pipe_dir_object — associate a rpc_pipe_dir_object to a directory
rpc_remove_pipe_dir_object — remove a rpc_pipe_dir_object from a directory
rpcb_getport_async — obtain the port for a given RPC service on a given host
rpc_create — create an RPC client and transport with one call
rpc_clone_client — Clone an RPC client structure
rpc_clone_client_set_auth — Clone an RPC client structure and set its auth
rpc_clnt_iterate_for_each_xprt — Apply a function to all transports
rpc_bind_new_program — bind a new RPC program to an existing client
rpc_run_task — Allocate a new RPC task, then run rpc_execute against it
rpc_call_sync — Perform a synchronous RPC call
rpc_call_async — Perform an asynchronous RPC call
rpc_peeraddr — extract remote peer address from clnt's xprt
rpc_peeraddr2str — return remote peer address in printable format
rpc_localaddr — discover local endpoint address for an RPC client
rpc_protocol — Get transport protocol number for an RPC client
rpc_net_ns — Get the network namespace for this RPC client
rpc_max_payload — Get maximum payload size for a transport, in bytes
rpc_max_bc_payload — Get maximum backchannel payload size, in bytes
rpc_force_rebind — force transport to check that remote port is unchanged
rpc_clnt_test_and_add_xprt — Test and add a new transport to a rpc_clnt
rpc_clnt_add_xprt — Add a new transport to a rpc_clnt