rpc_clnt_setup_test_and_add_xprt —


int rpc_clnt_setup_test_and_add_xprt (struct rpc_clnt * clnt,
 struct rpc_xprt_switch * xps,
 struct rpc_xprt * xprt,
 void * data);


struct rpc_clnt * clnt

struct rpc_clnt to get the new transport

struct rpc_xprt_switch * xps

the rpc_xprt_switch to hold the new transport

struct rpc_xprt * xprt

the rpc_xprt to test

void * data

a struct rpc_add_xprt_test pointer that holds the test function and test function call data


This is an rpc_clnt_add_xprt setup function which returns 1 so: 1) caller of the test function must dereference the rpc_xprt_switch and the rpc_xprt. 2) test function must call rpc_xprt_switch_add_xprt, usually in the rpc_call_done routine.

Upon success (return of 1), the test function adds the new transport to the rpc_clnt xprt switch