svc_find_xprt — find an RPC transport instance


struct svc_xprt * svc_find_xprt (struct svc_serv * serv,
 const char * xcl_name,
 struct net * net,
 const sa_family_t af,
 const unsigned short port);


struct svc_serv * serv

pointer to svc_serv to search

const char * xcl_name

C string containing transport's class name

struct net * net

owner net pointer

const sa_family_t af

Address family of transport's local address

const unsigned short port

transport's IP port number


Return the transport instance pointer for the endpoint accepting connections/peer traffic from the specified transport class, address family and port.

Specifying 0 for the address family or port is effectively a wild-card, and will result in matching the first transport in the service's list that has a matching class name.