STi ARM Linux Overview


The ST Microelectronics Multimedia and Application Processors range of CortexA9 System-on-Chip are supported by the ‘STi’ platform of ARM Linux. Currently STiH415, STiH416 SOCs are supported with both B2000 and B2020 Reference boards.


A generic configuration is provided for both STiH415/416, and can be used as the default by:

make stih41x_defconfig


All the files for multiple machine families (STiH415, STiH416, and STiG125) are located in the platform code contained in arch/arm/mach-sti

There is a generic board board-dt.c in the mach folder which support Flattened Device Tree, which means, It works with any compatible board with Device Trees.

Document Author

Srinivas Kandagatla <>, (c) 2013 ST Microelectronics