Samsung ARM Linux Overview


The Samsung range of ARM SoCs spans many similar devices, from the initial ARM9 through to the newest ARM cores. This document shows an overview of the current kernel support, how to use it and where to find the code that supports this.

The currently supported SoCs are:

S3C24XX Systems

There is still documentation in Documnetation/arm/Samsung-S3C24XX/ which deals with the architecture and drivers specific to these devices.

See S3C24XX ARM Linux Overview for more information on the implementation details and specific support.


A number of configurations are supplied, as there is no current way of unifying all the SoCs into one kernel.

  • S5PC110 specific default configuration

  • S5PV210 specific default configuration


The directory layout is currently being restructured, and consists of several platform directories and then the machine specific directories of the CPUs being built for.

plat-samsung provides the base for all the implementations, and is the last in the line of include directories that are processed for the build specific information. It contains the base clock, GPIO and device definitions to get the system running.

plat-s3c24xx is for s3c24xx specific builds, see the S3C24XX docs.

plat-s5p is for s5p specific builds, and contains common support for the S5P specific systems. Not all S5Ps use all the features in this directory due to differences in the hardware.

Layout changes

The old plat-s3c and plat-s5pc1xx directories have been removed, with support moved to either plat-samsung or plat-s5p as necessary. These moves where to simplify the include and dependency issues involved with having so many different platform directories.

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