LKML archives on

You may now access the Linux Kernel Mailing List (LKML) via our new list archive system, hosted at The software managing the archive is called Public Inbox and offers the following features:

  • Fast, searchable web archives
  • Atom feeds per list or per individual thread
  • Downloadable mbox archives to make replying easy
  • Git-backed archival mechanism you can clone and pull
  • Read-only nntp gateway

We collected LKML archives going as far back as 1998, and they are now all available to anyone via a simple git clone. We would like to extend our thanks to everyone who helped in this effort by donating their personal archives.

Obtaining full LKML archives

Git clone URLs are provided at the bottom of each page. Note, that due to its volume, the LKML archive is sharded into multiple repositories, each roughly 1GB in size. In addition to cloning from, you may also access these repositories on

Dedicated LKML patchwork

In addition to Public Inbox, we are also offering a dedicated read-only patchwork instance for LKML. Patchwork makes it easy to see the lifecycle of each patch as it makes its way from the initial submission, through peer review, and to final acceptance into mainline. You may access it at:

The LKML project hosted at will be removed to make it easier for developers to manage the projects they actually use for patch tracking, as the sheer volume of untracked patches on LKML was causing significant performance slowdowns.

Linking to LKML discussions

If you need to reference a mailing list discussion inside code comments or in a git commit message, the preferred way is to use the redirect service:

  1. Locate the Message-ID of the email you would like to reference.
  2. To link to it, use the following scheme:[message-id]

The /r/ redirect will use the Public Inbox archive to display the message. In addition, it allows others to access the message on other archival systems, by substituting /r/ with another letter:

Redirect URLs
Shortcut Archive Provider

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