Key analysis for luto

The following keys are listed for luto:

C51622D3, 4096/RSA

Fingerprint: 33B9:71D7:1304:A050:20E4:4477:002B:A651:C516:22D3
Type: 4096/RSA Uses: Sign, Certify
Created: 2011-11-30 Expires: never
Validity: full Trust: marginal


Comment: Andy Lutomirski (master key) <>
Created: 2011-12-16 Expires: never Validity: full
Comment: Andy Lutomirski <>
Created: 2011-12-01 Expires: never Validity: full


Key ID: CF7A271B452478C9 Type: 2048/RSA Uses: Sign
Created: 2011-11-30 Expires: 2013-11-29 Validity: full
Key ID: 19BEC2514DFCB3EF Type: 4096/RSA Uses: Encrypt
Created: 2011-11-30 Expires: 2013-11-30 Validity: full
Key ID: 1D0ABED246E43C35 Type: 2048/RSA Uses: Encrypt
Created: 2011-12-16 Expires: 2013-12-15 Validity: full

Trust map

Trust map legend

The grapher tries to show all signatures on the key by other account holders, and their relationships to the trust anchors.

The following people are considered trust anchors (their keys are given full trust):

  • Dirk Hohndel
  • Greg Kroah-Hartman
  • Linus Torvalds
  • H. Peter Anvin
  • James Bottomley
  • Ted T'so

It is sufficient to have a direct signature by one of these people to satisfy the web of trust.

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