Enumeration and Discovery

rio_destid_alloc — Allocate next available destID for given network
rio_destid_reserve — Reserve the specivied destID
rio_destid_free — free a previously allocated destID
rio_destid_first — return first destID in use
rio_destid_next — return next destID in use
rio_get_device_id — Get the base/extended device id for a device
rio_set_device_id — Set the base/extended device id for a device
rio_clear_locks — Release all host locks and signal enumeration complete
rio_enum_host — Set host lock and initialize host destination ID
rio_device_has_destid — Test if a device contains a destination ID register
rio_release_dev — Frees a RIO device struct
rio_is_switch — Tests if a RIO device has switch capabilities
rio_setup_device — Allocates and sets up a RIO device
rio_sport_is_active — Tests if a switch port has an active connection.
rio_get_host_deviceid_lock — Reads the Host Device ID Lock CSR on a device
rio_enum_peer — Recursively enumerate a RIO network through a master port
rio_enum_complete — Tests if enumeration of a network is complete
rio_disc_peer — Recursively discovers a RIO network through a master port
rio_mport_is_active — Tests if master port link is active
rio_update_route_tables — Updates route tables in switches
rio_init_em — Initializes RIO Error Management (for switches)
rio_enum_mport — Start enumeration through a master port
rio_build_route_tables — Generate route tables from switch route entries
rio_disc_mport — Start discovery through a master port