Chapter 4. Internals

Table of Contents

Enumeration and Discovery
Driver functionality
Device model support
PPC32 support

This chapter contains the autogenerated documentation of the RapidIO subsystem.


struct rio_switch — RIO switch info
struct rio_switch_ops — Per-switch operations
struct rio_dev — RIO device info
struct rio_msg — RIO message event
struct rio_dbell — RIO doorbell event
struct rio_mport — RIO master port info
struct rio_net — RIO network info
struct rio_mport_attr — RIO mport device attributes
struct rio_ops — Low-level RIO configuration space operations
struct rio_driver — RIO driver info
struct rio_scan — RIO enumeration and discovery operations
struct rio_scan_node — list node to register RapidIO enumeration and discovery methods with RapidIO core.