wimax_dev_add — Register a new WiMAX device


int wimax_dev_add (struct wimax_dev * wimax_dev,
 struct net_device * net_dev);


struct wimax_dev * wimax_dev

WiMAX device descriptor (as embedded in your net_dev's priv data). You must have called wimax_dev_init on it before.

struct net_device * net_dev

net device the wimax_dev is associated with. The function expects SET_NETDEV_DEV and register_netdev were already called on it.


Registers the new WiMAX device, sets up the user-kernel control interface (generic netlink) and common WiMAX infrastructure.

Note that the parts that will allow interaction with user space are setup at the very end, when the rest is in place, as once that happens, the driver might get user space control requests via netlink or from debugfs that might translate into calls into wimax_dev->op_*().