wimax_dev_rm — Unregister an existing WiMAX device


void wimax_dev_rm (struct wimax_dev * wimax_dev);


struct wimax_dev * wimax_dev

WiMAX device descriptor


Unregisters a WiMAX device previously registered for use with wimax_add_rm.

IMPORTANT! Must call before calling unregister_netdev.

After this function returns, you will not get any more user space control requests (via netlink or debugfs) and thus to wimax_dev->ops.

Reentrancy control is ensured by setting the state to __WIMAX_ST_QUIESCING. rfkill operations coming through wimax_*rfkill*() will be stopped by the quiescing state; ops coming from the rfkill subsystem will be stopped by the support being removed by wimax_rfkill_rm.