Chapter 8. Structures

Table of Contents

struct irq_common_data — per irq data shared by all irqchips
struct irq_data — per irq chip data passed down to chip functions
struct irq_chip — hardware interrupt chip descriptor
struct irq_chip_regs — register offsets for struct irq_gci
struct irq_chip_type — Generic interrupt chip instance for a flow type
struct irq_chip_generic — Generic irq chip data structure
enum irq_gc_flags — Initialization flags for generic irq chips
struct irqaction — per interrupt action descriptor
struct irq_affinity_notify — context for notification of IRQ affinity changes
irq_set_affinity — Set the irq affinity of a given irq
irq_force_affinity — Force the irq affinity of a given irq

This chapter contains the autogenerated documentation of the structures which are used in the generic IRQ layer.