Linux generic IRQ handling

Thomas Gleixner


Ingo Molnar


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Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Rationale
3. Known Bugs And Assumptions
4. Abstraction layers
Interrupt control flow
High-level Driver API
High-level IRQ flow handlers
Default flow implementations
Default flow handler implementations
Quirks and optimizations
Delayed interrupt disable
Chip-level hardware encapsulation
5. __do_IRQ entry point
6. Locking on SMP
7. Generic interrupt chip
irq_gc_mask_set_bit — Mask chip via setting bit in mask register
irq_gc_mask_clr_bit — Mask chip via clearing bit in mask register
irq_gc_ack_set_bit — Ack pending interrupt via setting bit
irq_alloc_generic_chip — Allocate a generic chip and initialize it
__irq_alloc_domain_generic_chips — Allocate generic chips for an irq domain
irq_get_domain_generic_chip — Get a pointer to the generic chip of a hw_irq
irq_setup_generic_chip — Setup a range of interrupts with a generic chip
irq_setup_alt_chip — Switch to alternative chip
irq_remove_generic_chip — Remove a chip
8. Structures
struct irq_common_data — per irq data shared by all irqchips
struct irq_data — per irq chip data passed down to chip functions
struct irq_chip — hardware interrupt chip descriptor
struct irq_chip_regs — register offsets for struct irq_gci
struct irq_chip_type — Generic interrupt chip instance for a flow type
struct irq_chip_generic — Generic irq chip data structure
enum irq_gc_flags — Initialization flags for generic irq chips
struct irqaction — per interrupt action descriptor
struct irq_affinity_notify — context for notification of IRQ affinity changes
struct irq_affinity — Description for automatic irq affinity assignements
irq_set_affinity — Set the irq affinity of a given irq
irq_force_affinity — Force the irq affinity of a given irq
9. Public Functions Provided
synchronize_hardirq — wait for pending hard IRQ handlers (on other CPUs)
synchronize_irq — wait for pending IRQ handlers (on other CPUs)
irq_set_affinity_notifier — control notification of IRQ affinity changes
irq_set_vcpu_affinity — Set vcpu affinity for the interrupt
disable_irq_nosync — disable an irq without waiting
disable_irq — disable an irq and wait for completion
disable_hardirq — disables an irq and waits for hardirq completion
enable_irq — enable handling of an irq
irq_set_irq_wake — control irq power management wakeup
irq_wake_thread — wake the irq thread for the action identified by dev_id
setup_irq — setup an interrupt
remove_irq — free an interrupt
free_irq — free an interrupt allocated with request_irq
request_threaded_irq — allocate an interrupt line
request_any_context_irq — allocate an interrupt line
irq_percpu_is_enabled — Check whether the per cpu irq is enabled
free_percpu_irq — free an interrupt allocated with request_percpu_irq
request_percpu_irq — allocate a percpu interrupt line
irq_get_irqchip_state — returns the irqchip state of a interrupt.
irq_set_irqchip_state — set the state of a forwarded interrupt.
irq_set_chip — set the irq chip for an irq
irq_set_irq_type — set the irq trigger type for an irq
irq_set_handler_data — set irq handler data for an irq
irq_set_chip_data — set irq chip data for an irq
handle_simple_irq — Simple and software-decoded IRQs.
handle_untracked_irq — Simple and software-decoded IRQs.
handle_level_irq — Level type irq handler
handle_fasteoi_irq — irq handler for transparent controllers
handle_edge_irq — edge type IRQ handler
irq_chip_ack_parent — Acknowledge the parent interrupt
irq_chip_mask_parent — Mask the parent interrupt
irq_chip_unmask_parent — Unmask the parent interrupt
irq_chip_eoi_parent — Invoke EOI on the parent interrupt
irq_chip_set_type_parent — Set IRQ type on the parent interrupt
10. Internal Functions Provided
__handle_domain_irq — Invoke the handler for a HW irq belonging to a domain
irq_get_next_irq — get next allocated irq number
kstat_irqs_cpu — Get the statistics for an interrupt on a cpu
kstat_irqs — Get the statistics for an interrupt
kstat_irqs_usr — Get the statistics for an interrupt
kernel/irq/handle.c — Document generation inconsistency
irq_set_msi_desc_off — set MSI descriptor data for an irq at offset
irq_set_msi_desc — set MSI descriptor data for an irq
irq_disable — Mark interrupt disabled
handle_edge_eoi_irq — edge eoi type IRQ handler
handle_percpu_irq — Per CPU local irq handler
handle_percpu_devid_irq — Per CPU local irq handler with per cpu dev ids
irq_cpu_online — Invoke all irq_cpu_online functions.
irq_cpu_offline — Invoke all irq_cpu_offline functions.
irq_chip_enable_parent — Enable the parent interrupt (defaults to unmask if NULL)
irq_chip_disable_parent — Disable the parent interrupt (defaults to mask if NULL)
irq_chip_set_affinity_parent — Set affinity on the parent interrupt
irq_chip_retrigger_hierarchy — Retrigger an interrupt in hardware
irq_chip_set_vcpu_affinity_parent — Set vcpu affinity on the parent interrupt
irq_chip_set_wake_parent — Set/reset wake-up on the parent interrupt
irq_chip_compose_msi_msg — Componse msi message for a irq chip
irq_chip_pm_get — Enable power for an IRQ chip
irq_chip_pm_put — Disable power for an IRQ chip
11. Credits