Frontend drivers


  1. There is no guarantee that every frontend driver works out of the box with every card, because of different wiring.
  2. The demodulator chips can be used with a variety of tuner/PLL chips, and not all combinations are supported. Often the demodulator and tuner/PLL chip are inside a metal box for shielding, and the whole metal box has its own part number. Common Interface (EN50221) controller drivers

Driver Name
cxd2099 Sony CXD2099AR Common Interface driver
sp2 CIMaX SP2 ATSC (North American/Korean Terrestrial/Cable DTV) frontends

Driver Name
au8522_dig Auvitek AU8522 based DTV demod
au8522_decoder Auvitek AU8522 based ATV demod
bcm3510 Broadcom BCM3510
lg2160 LG Electronics LG216x based
lgdt3305 LG Electronics LGDT3304 and LGDT3305 based
lgdt3306a LG Electronics LGDT3306A based
lgdt330x LG Electronics LGDT3302/LGDT3303 based
nxt200x NxtWave Communications NXT2002/NXT2004 based
or51132 Oren OR51132 based
or51211 Oren OR51211 based
s5h1409 Samsung S5H1409 based
s5h1411 Samsung S5H1411 based DVB-C (cable) frontends

Driver Name
stv0297 ST STV0297 based
tda10021 Philips TDA10021 based
tda10023 Philips TDA10023 based
ves1820 VLSI VES1820 based DVB-S (satellite) frontends

Driver Name
cx24110 Conexant CX24110 based
cx24116 Conexant CX24116 based
cx24117 Conexant CX24117 based
cx24120 Conexant CX24120 based
cx24123 Conexant CX24123 based
ds3000 Montage Technology DS3000 based
mb86a16 Fujitsu MB86A16 based
mt312 Zarlink VP310/MT312/ZL10313 based
s5h1420 Samsung S5H1420 based
si21xx Silicon Labs SI21XX based
stb6000 ST STB6000 silicon tuner
stv0288 ST STV0288 based
stv0299 ST STV0299 based
stv0900 ST STV0900 based
stv6110 ST STV6110 silicon tuner
tda10071 NXP TDA10071
tda10086 Philips TDA10086 based
tda8083 Philips TDA8083 based
tda8261 Philips TDA8261 based
tda826x Philips TDA826X silicon tuner
ts2020 Montage Technology TS2020 based tuners
tua6100 Infineon TUA6100 PLL
cx24113 Conexant CX24113/CX24128 tuner for DVB-S/DSS
itd1000 Integrant ITD1000 Zero IF tuner for DVB-S/DSS
ves1x93 VLSI VES1893 or VES1993 based
zl10036 Zarlink ZL10036 silicon tuner
zl10039 Zarlink ZL10039 silicon tuner DVB-T (terrestrial) frontends

Driver Name
af9013 Afatech AF9013 demodulator
cx22700 Conexant CX22700 based
cx22702 Conexant cx22702 demodulator (OFDM)
cxd2820r Sony CXD2820R
cxd2841er Sony CXD2841ER
cxd2880 Sony CXD2880 DVB-T2/T tuner + demodulator
dib3000mb DiBcom 3000M-B
dib3000mc DiBcom 3000P/M-C
dib7000m DiBcom 7000MA/MB/PA/PB/MC
dib7000p DiBcom 7000PC
dib9000 DiBcom 9000
drxd Micronas DRXD driver
ec100 E3C EC100
l64781 LSI L64781
mt352 Zarlink MT352 based
nxt6000 NxtWave Communications NXT6000 based
rtl2830 Realtek RTL2830 DVB-T
rtl2832 Realtek RTL2832 DVB-T
rtl2832_sdr Realtek RTL2832 SDR
s5h1432 Samsung s5h1432 demodulator (OFDM)
si2168 Silicon Labs Si2168
sp8870 Spase sp8870 based
sp887x Spase sp887x based
stv0367 ST STV0367 based
tda10048 Philips TDA10048HN based
tda1004x Philips TDA10045H/TDA10046H based
zd1301_demod ZyDAS ZD1301
zl10353 Zarlink ZL10353 based Digital terrestrial only tuners/PLL

Driver Name
dvb-pll Generic I2C PLL based tuners
dib0070 DiBcom DiB0070 silicon base-band tuner
dib0090 DiBcom DiB0090 silicon base-band tuner ISDB-S (satellite) & ISDB-T (terrestrial) frontends

Driver Name
mn88443x Socionext MN88443x
tc90522 Toshiba TC90522 ISDB-T (terrestrial) frontends

Driver Name
dib8000 DiBcom 8000MB/MC
mb86a20s Fujitsu mb86a20s
s921 Sharp S921 frontend Multistandard (cable + terrestrial) frontends

Driver Name
drxk Micronas DRXK based
mn88472 Panasonic MN88472
mn88473 Panasonic MN88473
si2165 Silicon Labs si2165 based
tda18271c2dd NXP TDA18271C2 silicon tuner Multistandard (satellite) frontends

Driver Name
m88ds3103 Montage Technology M88DS3103
mxl5xx MaxLinear MxL5xx based tuner-demodulators
stb0899 STB0899 based
stb6100 STB6100 based tuners
stv090x STV0900/STV0903(A/B) based
stv0910 STV0910 based
stv6110x STV6110/(A) based tuners
stv6111 STV6111 based tuners SEC control devices for DVB-S

Driver Name
a8293 Allegro A8293
af9033 Afatech AF9033 DVB-T demodulator
ascot2e Sony Ascot2E tuner
atbm8830 AltoBeam ATBM8830/8831 DMB-TH demodulator
drx39xyj Micronas DRX-J demodulator
helene Sony HELENE Sat/Ter tuner (CXD2858ER)
horus3a Sony Horus3A tuner
isl6405 ISL6405 SEC controller
isl6421 ISL6421 SEC controller
isl6423 ISL6423 SEC controller
ix2505v Sharp IX2505V silicon tuner
lgs8gl5 Silicon Legend LGS-8GL5 demodulator (OFDM)
lgs8gxx Legend Silicon LGS8913/LGS8GL5/LGS8GXX DMB-TH demodulator
lnbh25 LNBH25 SEC controller
lnbh29 LNBH29 SEC controller
lnbp21 LNBP21/LNBH24 SEC controllers
lnbp22 LNBP22 SEC controllers
m88rs2000 M88RS2000 DVB-S demodulator and tuner
tda665x TDA665x tuner Tools to develop new frontends

Driver Name
dvb_dummy_fe Dummy frontend driver