9.6. PCI Test Endpoint Function

name: Should be “pci_epf_test” to bind to the pci_epf_test driver.

Configurable Fields:

vendorid should be 0x104c
deviceid should be 0xb500 for DRA74x and 0xb501 for DRA72x
revid don’t care
progif_code don’t care
subclass_code don’t care
baseclass_code should be 0xff
cache_line_size don’t care
subsys_vendor_id don’t care
subsys_id don’t care
interrupt_pin Should be 1 - INTA, 2 - INTB, 3 - INTC, 4 -INTD
msi_interrupts Should be 1 to 32 depending on the number of MSI interrupts to test
msix_interrupts Should be 1 to 2048 depending on the number of MSI-X interrupts to test