2.6.22. V4L2_PIX_FMT_YUV411P (‘411P’)

Format with ¼ horizontal chroma resolution, also known as YUV 4:1:1. Planar layout as opposed to V4L2_PIX_FMT_Y41P Description

This format is not commonly used. This is a planar format similar to the 4:2:2 planar format except with half as many chroma. The three components are separated into three sub-images or planes. The Y plane is first. The Y plane has one byte per pixel. The Cb plane immediately follows the Y plane in memory. The Cb plane is ¼ the width of the Y plane (and of the image). Each Cb belongs to 4 pixels all on the same row. For example, Cb0 belongs to Y’00, Y’01, Y’02 and Y’03. Following the Cb plane is the Cr plane, just like the Cb plane.

If the Y plane has pad bytes after each row, then the Cr and Cb planes have ¼ as many pad bytes after their rows. In other words, four C x rows (including padding) is exactly as long as one Y row (including padding).

Byte Order. Each cell is one byte.

start + 0: Y’00 Y’01 Y’02 Y’03
start + 4: Y’10 Y’11 Y’12 Y’13
start + 8: Y’20 Y’21 Y’22 Y’23
start + 12: Y’30 Y’31 Y’32 Y’33
start + 16: Cb00
start + 17: Cb10
start + 18: Cb20
start + 19: Cb30
start + 20: Cr00
start + 21: Cr10
start + 22: Cr20
start + 23: Cr30

Color Sample Location:

  0 1   2 3
0 Y Y C Y Y
1 Y Y C Y Y
2 Y Y C Y Y
3 Y Y C Y Y