git remote-<transport> <remote>


These programs are normally not used directly by end users, but are invoked by various git programs that interact with remote repositories when the repository they would operate on will be accessed using transport code not linked into the main git binary. Various particular helper programs will behave as documented here.


Commands are given by the caller on the helper’s standard input, one per line.


Lists the capabilities of the helper, one per line, ending with a blank line.


Lists the refs, one per line, in the format "<value> <name> [<attr> …]". The value may be a hex sha1 hash, "@<dest>" for a symref, or "?" to indicate that the helper could not get the value of the ref. A space-separated list of attributes follows the name; unrecognized attributes are ignored. After the complete list, outputs a blank line.

fetch <sha1> <name>

Fetches the given object, writing the necessary objects to the database. Outputs a blank line when the fetch is complete. Only objects which were reported in the ref list with a sha1 may be fetched this way.

Supported if the helper has the "fetch" capability.

If a fatal error occurs, the program writes the error message to stderr and exits. The caller should expect that a suitable error message has been printed if the child closes the connection without completing a valid response for the current command.

Additional commands may be supported, as may be determined from capabilities reported by the helper.



This helper supports the fetch command.


None are defined yet, but the caller must accept any which are supplied.


Documentation by Daniel Barkalow.


Part of the git(1) suite