Kernel parameter: kgdboe

The term kgdboe is meant to stand for kgdb over ethernet. To use kgdboe, the ethernet driver must have implemented the NETPOLL API, and the kernel must be compiled with NETPOLL support. Also kgdboe uses unicast udp. This means your debug host needs to be on the same lan as the target system you wish to debug.

NOTE: Even though an ethernet driver may implement the NETPOLL API it is possible that kgdboe will not work as a robust debug method. Trying to debug the network stack for instance, would likely hang the kernel. Also certain IRQ resources cannot be easily shared between the normal kernel operation and the "polled context" where the system is stopped by kgdb. Using kgdboe with preemptible IRQ handlers for the device kgdboe is using is known to have with the system hanging for instance.

The kgdboe parameter string is as follows: kgdboe=[src-port]@<src-ip>/[dev],[tgt-port]@<tgt-ip>/[tgt-macaddr] where:

What follows are several examples of how to configure kgdboe in various ways.

You can also reconfigure kgdboe dynamically at run time as follows: