The keysigning map


In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we encourage everyone to do keysigning using video conferencing instead of in-person meetings. If you need help organizing a video conference, please send an email to

If you need help getting signatures from fellow kernel developers, you can look on the keysigning map to see who is available nearby to sign your key:

Each placemark should have the person’s email address you can use to contact them, and their PGP key information.

Adding yourself to the map

If you are already have a account, we encourage you to add your information to the map, so other developers can get into the web of trust. Here’s how you should do it:

  • git clone
  • Read the Readme file
  • Add or edit your users/[username].yaml
  • Test the results by running the script per Readme instructions
  • Push back to the repository (all valid users can push)
  • A couple of minutes later, we will autobuild a new developers.kml and sync it to the website. You may need to Ctrl-Reload to see your changes.

The picture you see on the placemark is provided by libravatar based on the email you list in the yaml file. If you want to change it or add your own, go to


Please be mindful of your privacy when putting in your coordinates.