Enabling Docking Station Support for the Linux Kernel - Kristen Carlson Accardi

Subtitle: Is Harder Than You Would Think

Open Source Graphics Drivers--They Don't Kill Kittens - David M. Arlie (slides)

Status of Intel, ATI, Nvidia, Matrox, Via, and SiS chipsets as of 2006. Possible reasons for closed source drivers. Problems with closed source graphics drivers. Open source efforts going forward (including the r300 and renoveau projects) and reverse engineering methodologies.

kboot - A Boot Loader Based on Kexec - Werner Almesberger

Ideas on improving Linux infrastructure for performance on multi-core platforms - Maxim Alt

A Reliable and Portable Multimedia File System - Joo-Young Hwang, Jae-Kyoung Bae, Alexander Kirnasov, Min-Sung Jang, Ha-Yeong Kim

Utilizing IOMMUs for Virtualization in Linux and Xen - Muli Ben-Yehuda, Jon Mason, Orran Krieger, Jimi Xenidis, Leendert Van Doorn, Asit Mallick, Junk Nakajima, Elsie Wahlig (slides)

Towards a Highly Adaptable Filesystem Framework for Linux - Suparna Bhattacharya, Dilma Da Silva (slides)

Multiple Instances of the Global Linux Namespaces - Eric W. Biederman

Fully Automated Testing of the Linux Kernel - Martin Bligh, Andy P. Whitcroft

Linux Laptop Battery Life - Len Brown, Konstantin A. Karasyov, Randy P. Stanley

Subtitle: Measurement Tools, Techniques and Results

The Frysk Execution Analysis Architecture - Andrew Cagney

Evaluating Linux Kernel Crash Dumping Mechanisms - Fernando Luis Vazquez Cao

Exploring High Bandwidth Filesystems on Large Systems - Dave Chinner, Jeremy Higdon

The Effects of Filesystem Fragmentation - Giel de Nijs, Ard Biesheuvel, ad Denissen, Niek Lambert

The LTTng tracer: A low impact performance and behavior monitor for GNU/Linux - Mathieu Desnoyers, Michel R. Dagenais

Linux as a Hypervisor - Jeff Dike

Subtitle: An Update

How User Mode Linux development has contributed to Linux's general virtualization capabilities.

System Firmware Updates Utilizing Software Repositories - Matt Domsch, Michael Brown

Subtitle: OR: Two proprietary vendor firmware update packages walk into a dark alley, six RPMS in a yum repository walk out...

How Dell replaced its proprietary in-house framework for downloading DELL BIOS updates with an in-house framework for downloading DELL BIOS updates that's closely tied to Red Hat Enterprise's package management system.

The Need for Asynchronous, Zero-Copy Network I/O - Ulrich Drepper

Subtitle: Problems and Possible Solutions

Problem Solving With Systemtap - Frank Ch. Eigler

Perfmon2: a flexible performance monitoring interface for Linux - Stephane Eranian

OCFS2: The Oracle Clustered File System, Version 2 - Mark Fasheh

tgt: Framework for Storage Target Drivers - Tomonori Fujita, Mike Christie

[That's actually SCSI target, but they'll get the ramdisk and network block device routed through the SCSI layer sooner or later. Every other common storage device, like SATA and USB, already is. Note that the SCSI layer doesn't use the block layer.]

More Linux for Less - Michael Hennerich, Robin Getz

Subtitle: uClinux on a $5.00 (US) Processor.

Hrtimers and Beyond: Transforming the Linux Time Subsystems - Thomas Gleixner, Douglas Niehaus

Making Applications Mobile Under Linux - Cedric Le Goater, Daniel Lezcano, Clement Calmels

Migrating processes within clusters. [Nothing to do with embedded devices or handhelds, despite the name.]

The What, The Why and the Where To of Anti-Fragmentation - Mel Gorman, Andy Whitcroft

Preventing DRAM fragmentation, to allow large physically contiguous allocations (and maybe even the allocation of huge pages on a system that's been running a while). This is not the same as actively defragmenting (evicting lots of physically contiguous pages on demand, which is hard if the kernel's pinned any), this is an allocation strategy to minimize fragmentation in the first place, and weight the page reclaimation logic to preferentially collate higher order pages whenever it has a choice about what to free.

GIT--A Stupid Content Tracker - Junio C. Hamano

Reducing fsck time for ext2 file systems - Val Henson, Zach Brown, Theodore Ts'o, Arjan van de Ven

Native POSIX Threads Library (NPTL) Support for uClibc - Steven J. Hill

Playing BlueZ on the D-Bus - Marcel Holtmann

FS-Cache: A Network Filesystem Caching Facility - David Howells

Why Userspace Sucks--Or 101 Really Dumb Things Your App Shouldn't Do - Dave Jones

Evolution in Kernel Debugging using Hardware Virtualization With Xen - Nitin A. Kamble, Jun Nakajima, Asit K. Mallick

Improving Linux Startup Time Using Software Resume (and other techniques) - Hiroki Kaminaga

Automated Regression Hunting - Aaron Bowen, Paul Fox, James M. Kenefick Jr., Ashton Romney, Jason Ruesch, Jeremy Wilde, Justin Wilson

Subtitle: PyReT and the Linux kernel

Hacking the Linux Automounter--Current Limitations and Future Directions - Ian Maxwell Kent, Jeff Moyer

Why NFS Sucks - Olaf Kirch

Efficient Use of the Page Cache with 64KB Pages - Dave Kleikamp, Badari Pulavarty

Startup Time in the 21st Century: Filesystem Hacks and Assorted Tweaks - Benjamin C.R. LaHaise

Using Hugetlbfs for Mapping Application Text Regions - H.J. Lu, Kshitij Doshi, Rohit Seth, Jantz Tran

Towards a Better SCM: Revlog and Mercurial - Matt Mackall

Roadmap to a GL-based composited desktop for Linux - Kevin E. Martin, Keith Packard

Probing the Guts of Kprobes - Ananth Mavinakayanahalli, Prasanna Panchamukhi, Jim Keniston, Anil Keshavamurthy, Masami Hiramatsu

Shared Page Tables Redux - Dave McCracken

Extending RCU for Realtime and Embedded Workloads - Paul E. McKenney, Dipankar Sarma, Ingo Molnar, Suparna Bhattacharya

OSTRA: Experiments With on-the-fly Source Patching - Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo

Design and Implementation to Support Multiple Key Exchange Protocols for IPsec - Kazunori Miyazawa, Shoichi Sakane, Ken-ichi Kamada, Mitsuru Kanda, Atsushi Fukumoto

The State of Linux Power Management 2006 - Patrick Mochel

I/O Workload Fingerprinting in the Genetic-Library - Jake Moilanen

X86-64 XenLinux: Architcture, Implementation, and Optimizations - Jun Nakajima, Asit Mallick, Ian Pratt, Keir Fraser

GCC--An Architectural Overview, Current Status, and Future Directions - Diego Novillo

Shared-Subtree Concept, Implementation, and Applications in Linux - Al Viro, Ram Pai

The Ondemand Governor - Venkatesh Pallipandi, Alexey Starikovskiy

Subtitle: Past, Present, and Future

Linux Bootup Time Reduction for Digital Still Camera - Chanju Park, Kyuhyung Kim, Youngjun Jang, Kyungji Hyun

A Lockless Pagecache in Linux -- Introduction, Progress, Performance - Nick Piggin

The Ongoing Evolution of Xen - Ian Pratt, Dan Magenheimer, Hollis Blanchard, Jimi Xenidis, Jun Nakajima, Anthony Liguori

NFSv4 Test Project - Bryce Harrington, Aurelien Charbon, Tony Reix, Vincent Roqueta, J. Bruce Fields, Trond Myklebust, Suresh Jayaraman, Jeff Needle, Barry Marson

Measuring Resource Demand on Linux - Rik van Riel

Subtitle: resource allocation, Goldilocks style

Improving the Approach to Linux Performance Analysis - Jose Santos, Guanglei Li

Subtitle: An analyst point of view

Resizing Memory With Balloons and Hotplug - Joel H. Schopp, Keir Fraser, Martine J. Silbermann

Collaborative Memory Management in Hosted Linux Environments - Martin Schwidefsky, Hubertus Franke, Ray Mansell, Himanshu Raj, Damian Osisek, JongHyuk Choi

Chip Multi Processing aware Linux Kernel Scheduler - Suresh Siddha, Venkatesh Pallipadi, Asit Mallick

Dynamic Device Handling on the Modern Desktop - David Zeuthen, Kay Sievers

Unionfs: User- and Community-Oriented Development of a Unification File System - David Quigley, Josef Sipek, Charles P. Wright, Erez Zadok

VMI: An Interface for Paravirtualization - Zach Amsden, Daniel Arai, Daniel Hecht, Anne Holler, Pratap Subrahmanyam

HTTP-FUSE Xenoppix - Kuniyasu Suzaki, Toshiki Yagi, Kengo Iijima, Kenji Kitagawa, Suichi Tashiro

Virtual Scalability: Charting the Perforance of Linux in a Virtual World - Andrw Theurer, Karl Rister, Orran Krieger, Ryan Harper, Steve Dobbelstein

Subtitle: Exploring the scalability of the Xen hypervisor

Automatic System for Linux Kernel Performance Testing - Alexander Ufimtsev, Liam Murphy

MD RAID Acceleration - Dan J. Williams

Subtitle: Support for Asynchronous DMA/XOR Engines

Catalyzing Hardware Driver Development - Darrick J. Wong, Alexis Bruemmer, Don Fry, Mark Salyzyn

Subtitle: A Case Study in Four Acts