Linux Standard Base Development Kit for application building/porting - Rajesh Banginwar, Nilesh Jain

Building Murphy-compatible embedded Linux systems - Gilad Ben-Youssef

Can you handle the pressure? Making Linux bulletproof under load - Martin J. Bligh, Badari Pulvarty, Andy Whitcroft, Darren Hart

Block Devices and Transport Classes: Where are we going? - James E. J. Bottomley

ACPI in Linux - Len Brown, Anil Keshavamurthy, David Shaohua Li, Robert Moore, Venkatesh Pallipadi, Luming Yu

State of the Art: Where we are with the Ext3 filesystem - Mingming Cao, Theodore Y. Ts'o, Badari Pulavarty, Suparna Bhattacharya, Andreas Dilger, Alex Tomas

Using a the Xen Hypervisor to Supercharge OS Deployment - Mike D. Day, Ryan Harper, Michael Hohnbaum, Anthony Liguori, Andrew Theurer

Active Block I/O Scheduling System (ABISS) - Giel de Nijs, Benno van den Brink, Werner Almsberger

UML and the Intel VT extensions - Jeff Dike

SNAP Computing and the X Window System - James Gettys

Linux Multipathing - Edward Goggin, Alasdair Kergon, Christophe Varoqui, David Olien

Kdump, A Kexec-based Kernel Crash Dumping Mechanism - Vivek Goyal, Eric W. Biederman, Hariprasad Nellitheertha

The Novell Linux Kernel Debugger, NLKD - Clyde Griffin, Jan Beulich

Large Receive Offload implementation in Neterion 10GbE Ethernet driver - Leonid Grossman

eCryptfs: An Enterprise-class Encrypted Filesystem for Linux - Michael Austin Halcrow

We Are Not Getting Any Younger: A New Approach to Time and Timers - John Stultz, nishanth Aravamudan, Darren Hart

Automated BoardFarm: Only Better with Bacon - Christian Holtje, Bryan Mills

The BlueZ towards a wireless world of penguins - Marcel Holtmann

On faster application startup times: Cache stuffing, seek profiling, adaptive preloading - Bert Hubert

Building Linux Software with Conary - Michael K. Johnson

Profiling Java on Linux - John Kacur

Testing the Xen Hypervisor and Linux Virtual Machines - David Barrera, Li Ge, Stephanie, Glass, Paul Larson

Accelerating Network Receive Processing - Andrew Grover, Christopher Leech

dmraid - device-mapper RAID tool - Heinz Mauelshagen

Usage of Virtualized GNU/Linux for Binary Testing Across Multiple Distributions - Gordon McFadden, Michael Leibowitz

DCCP on Linux - Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo

The sysfs Filesystem - Patrick Mochel

Using genetic algorithms to automatically tune the the kernel - Jake Moilanen, Peter Williams

PCI Express Port Bus Driver Support for Linux - Tom Long Nguyen, Dely L. Sy, Steven Carbonari

pktgen the linux packet generator - Robert Olsson

TWIN: A Window System for 'Sub-PDA' Devices - Keith Packard

RapidIO for Linux - Matt Porter

Locating System Problems Using Dynamic Instrumentation - Vara Prasad, William Cohen, Frank Ch. Eigler, Martin Hunt, Jem Keniston, Brad Chen

Xen 3.0 and the Art of Virtualization - Ian Pratt, Keir Fraser, Steven Hand, Christian Limpach, Andrew Warfield, Dan Magenheimer, Jun Nakajima, Asit Mallick

Examining Linux 2.6 Page-Cache Performance - Sonny Rao, Dominique Heger, Steven Pratt

Trusted Computing and Linux - Kylene Hall, Tom Lendacky, Emily Ratliff, Kent Yoder

NPTL Stabilization Project - Sebastien Decugis, Tony Reix

Networking Driver Performance and Measurement - e1000 A Case Study - John A. Ronciak, Jesse Bradenburg, Ganesh Venkatesan, Mitch Williams

nfsim: Untested code is buggy code - Rusty Russell, Jeremy Kerr

Hotplug Memory Redux - Joel Schopp, Dave Hansen, Mike Kravetz, Hirokazu Takahashi, Iwamoto Toshihiro, Yasunori Goto, Kamezawa Hiroyuki, Matt Tolentino, Bob Picco

Enhancements to Linux I/O Scheduling - Seetharami Seelam, Rodrigo Romero, Patricia Teller, Bill Buros

Chip Multi Processing aware Linux Kernel Scheduler - Suresh Siddha, Venkatesh Pallipadi, Asit Mallick interface to a comprehensive online bioinformatics resource - Peter St. Onge, Paul Osman

Ho Hum, Yet Another Memory Allocator... - Ravikiran G Thirumalai, Dipankar Sarma, Manfred Spraul

Beagle: Free and Open Desktop Search - Jon Trowbridge

Glen or Glenda - Eric Van Hensbergen

Linux Virtualization on Virtual Iron VFe - Alex Vasilevsky, David Lively, Steve Ofsthun

Clusterproc: Linux Kernel Support for Clusterwide Process Management - Bruce J. Walker, Laura Ramirez, John L. Byrne

Flow-based network accounting with Linux - Harald Welte

Introduction to the InfiniBand Core Software - Bob Woodruff, Sean Hefty, Roland Dreier, Hal Rosenstock

Linux Is Now IPv6 Ready - Hideaki Yoshifuji

The usbmon: USB monitoring framework - Pete Zaitcev

Adopting and Commenting the Old Kernel Source Code for Education - Jiong Zhao, Trent Jarvi