UML Simulator - Werner Almesberger

SCSI Mid-Level Multipath - Michael Anderson, Patrick Mansfield

IPv4/IPv6 Translation - J. William Atwood, Kedar C. Das, Xing (Scott) Jiang

Building Enterprise Grade VPNs - Ken S. Bantoft

Linux memory management on larger machines - Martin J. Bligh, David Hansen

Integrating DMA Into the Generic Device Model - James E. J. Bottomley

Linux Scalability for Large NUMA Systems - Ray Bryant, John Hawkes

An Implementation of HIP for Linux - Miika Komu, Mika Kousa, Janne Lundberg, Catharina Candolin

Improving enterprise database performance on Intel Itanium architecture - Ken Chen, Rohit Seth, Hubert Nueckel

High Availability Data Replication - Paul Clements, James E. J. Bottomley

Porting NSA Security Enhanced Linux to Hand-held devices - Russell Coker

Strong Cryptography in the Linux Kernel - Jean-Luc Cooke, David Bryson

Porting drivers to the 2.5 kernel - Jonathan Corbet

Class-based Prioritized Resource Control in Linux - Shailabh Nagar, Hubertus Franke, Jonghyuk Choi, Chandra Seetharaman, Scott Kaplan, Nivedita Sighvi, Vivek Kashyap, Mike Kravetz

Linux Support for NUMA Hardware - Matthew Dobson, Patricia Gaughen, Michael Hohnbaum, Erich Focht

Kernel configuration and building in Linux 2.5 - Kai Germaschewski, Sam Ravnborg

Device discovery and power management in embedded systems - David Gibson

Gnumeric - Jody Goldberg

DMA Hints on IA64/PARISC - Grant Grundler

A 2.5 Page Clustering Implementation - William Lee Irwin III

Ugly Ducklings - Dave Jones

udev - A Userspace Implementation of devfs - Greg Kroah-Hartman

Reliable NAS from Dirt Cheap Commodity Hardware - Benjamin C. R. LaHaise

Improving the Linux Test Project with Kernel Code Coverage Analysis - Paul Larson, Nigel Hinds, Rajan Ravindran, Hubertus Franke

Effective HPC hardware management and Failure prediction strategy using IPMI - Richard Libby

Interactive Kernel Performance - Robert Love

Machine Check Recovery for Linux on Itanium Processors - Tony Luck

Low-level Optimizations in the PowerPC Linux Kernels - Paul Mackerras

Sharing Page Tables in the Linux Kernel - Dave McCracken

Kernel Janitors: State of the Project - Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo

Linux Kernel Power Management - Patrick Mochel

Bringing PowerPC Book E to Linux - Matthew D. Porter

Asynchronous I/O Support in Linux 2.5 - Suparna Bhattacharya, Steven Pratt, Badari Pulavarty, Janet Morgan

Towards an O(1) VM. - Rik van Riel

Developing Mobile Devices based on Linux - Tim Riker

Lustre: Building a File System for 1,000-node Clusters - Philip Schwan

OSCAR Clusters - John Mugler, Thomas Naughton, Stephen L. Scott, Brian Barrett, Andrew Lumsdaine, Jeffrey M. Squyres, Benoit des Ligneris, Francis Giraldeau, Chokchai Leangsuksun

Porting Linux to the M32R Processor - Hirokazu Takata

Linux in a Brave New Firmware Environment - Matthew Tolentino

Implementing the SMIL Specification - Malcom Tredinnick

Benchmarks that Model Enterprise Workloads - Vaijayanthimala Anand, Hubertus Franke, Hanna Linder, Shailabh Nagar, Partha Narayanan, Rajan Ravindran, Theodore Ts'o

Large Free Software Projects and Bugzilla - Lessons from Gnome Project QA

Performance Testing the Linux Kernel - Cliff White

Stressing Linux with Real-world Workloads - Mark Wong

Xr: Cross-device Rendering for Vector Graphics - Carl Worth, Keith Packard

relayfs: An Efficient Unified Approach for Transmitting Data from Kernel to User Space - Tom Zanussi, Karim Yaghmour, Robert Wisniewski, Richard Moore, Michael Dagenais

Linux IPv6 Networking - Hideaki Yoshifuji, Kazunori Miyazawa, Yuji Sekiya, Hiroshi Esaki, Jun Murai

Fault Injection Test Harness - Louis Zhuang, Stanley Wang, Kevin Gao