Go read the Linux Weekly News coverage of OLS 2001, which describes these papers and sessions in detail, with pictures.

Here's a mirror of all the year's papers:

Monikers in the Bonobo Component System - Miguel de Icaza

The Linux Device File-System - Richard Gooch

DirectX and Wine - Andrew Lewycky, Gavriel State

Enhancing Linux Scheduler Scalability - Mike Kravetz, Hubertus Franke, Shailabh Nagar, Rajan Ravindran

Ximian Evolution: The Gnome Groupware Suite - Ettore Perazzoli

GNOME Technologies in Real-World Applications - Federico Mena-Quintero

Hotpluggable devices and the Linux kernel - Greg Kroah-Hartman

The Linux Kernel on iSeries - Dave Boutcher

JFFS: The Journalling Flash File System - David Woodhouse

The KDE Multimedia Architecture - Jeff Tranter

MIPL Mobile IPv6 for Linux - Antti J. Tuominen, Henrik Petander

Linux NFS Version 4: Implementation and Administration - William A. Adamson, Kendrick M. Smith

OSCAR: Open Source Cluster Application Resources - Michael J. Brim, Timothy G. Mattson, Stephen L. Scott

Pango: internationalized text handling - Owen Taylor

PCIComm: A Linux Device Driver for Communication over PCI Shared Memory - Gerald Britton

Linux performance tuning using Powertweak - Dave Jones

PowerPC 64-bit Kernel Internals - David Engebretsen, Mike Corrigan, Peter Bergner

Read-Copy Update - Paul E. McKenney, Jonathan Appavoo, Andi Kleen, Orran Krieger, Rusty Russell, Dipankar Sarma, Maneesh Soni

The Real-Time Application Interface - Karim Yaghmour

Linux Kernel SCTP: The Third Transport - La Monte H.P. Yarroll, Karl Knutson

Meeting Critical Security Objectives with Security-Enhanced Linux - Peter A. Loscocco, Stephen D. Smalley

Making SOAP with Soup - Alex Graveley

Globally Distributed Content (Using BGP to Take Over the World) - Simon Horman

Scheduled Transfer Protocol on Linux - Pekka Pietikainen

User-Mode Linux - Jeff Dike

VRRPd: overview, implementation and usage - Jerome Etienne

Porting Linux to x86-64 - Andi Kleen