lib/Kconfig.kgdb v3.0-rc7


KGDB: kernel debugger

If you say Y here, it will be possible to remotely debug the
kernel using gdb.  It is recommended but not required, that
you also turn on the kernel config option
CONFIG_FRAME_POINTER to aid in producing more reliable stack
backtraces in the external debugger.  Documentation of
kernel debugger is available at
as well as in DocBook form in Documentation/DocBook/.  If
unsure, say N.


KGDB: use kgdb over the serial console

Share a serial console with kgdb. Sysrq-g must be used
to break in initially.


KGDB: internal test suite

This is a kgdb I/O module specifically designed to test
kgdb's internal functions.  This kgdb I/O module is
intended to for the development of new kgdb stubs
as well as regression testing the kgdb internals.
See the drivers/misc/kgdbts.c for the details about
the tests.  The most basic of this I/O module is to boot
a kernel boot arguments "kgdbwait kgdbts=V1F100"


KGDB: Run tests on boot

Run the kgdb tests on boot up automatically without the need
to pass in a kernel parameter


KGDB: which internal kgdb tests to run

This is the command string to send the kgdb test suite on
boot.  See the drivers/misc/kgdbts.c for detailed
information about other strings you could use beyond the
default of V1F100.


KGDB: Allow debugging with traps in notifiers

This will add an extra call back to kgdb for the breakpoint
exception handler on which will will allow kgdb to step
through a notify handler.


KGDB_KDB: include kdb frontend for kgdb

KDB frontend for kernel


KGDB_KDB: keyboard as input device

KDB can use a PS/2 type keyboard for an input device