fs/ubifs/Kconfig v3.0-rc7


UBIFS file system support

UBIFS is a file system for flash devices which works on top of UBI.


Extended attributes support

This option enables support of extended attributes.


Advanced compression options

This option allows to explicitly choose which compressions, if any,
are enabled in UBIFS. Removing compressors means inability to read
existing file systems.

If unsure, say 'N'.


LZO compression support

LZO compressor is generally faster than zlib but compresses worse.
Say 'Y' if unsure.


ZLIB compression support

Zlib compresses better than LZO but it is slower. Say 'Y' if unsure.


Enable debugging support

This option enables UBIFS debugging support. It makes sure various
assertions, self-checks, debugging messages and test modes are compiled
in (this all is compiled out otherwise). Assertions are light-weight
and this option also enables them. Self-checks, debugging messages and
test modes are switched off by default. Thus, it is safe and actually
recommended to have debugging support enabled, and it should not slow
down UBIFS. You can then further enable / disable individual  debugging
features using UBIFS module parameters and the corresponding sysfs