fs/cachefiles/Kconfig v3.0-rc7


Filesystem caching on files

This permits use of a mounted filesystem as a cache for other
filesystems - primarily networking filesystems - thus allowing fast
local disk to enhance the speed of slower devices.

See Documentation/filesystems/caching/cachefiles.txt for more


Debug CacheFiles

This permits debugging to be dynamically enabled in the filesystem
caching on files module.  If this is set, the debugging output may be
enabled by setting bits in /sys/modules/cachefiles/parameter/debug or
by including a debugging specifier in /etc/cachefilesd.conf.


Gather latency information on CacheFiles

This option causes latency information to be gathered on CacheFiles
operation and exported through file:


The generation of this histogram adds a certain amount of overhead to
execution as there are a number of points at which data is gathered,
and on a multi-CPU system these may be on cachelines that keep
bouncing between CPUs.  On the other hand, the histogram may be
useful for debugging purposes.  Saying 'N' here is recommended.

See Documentation/filesystems/caching/cachefiles.txt for more