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man-pages translations

If you are thinking about translating man-pages, you might want to take a look at some of my quick thoughts on the subject.

Andries Brouwer has a page that lists various translation projects for man-pages. However, by now many of the links on that page are broken, and many of the remaining links point to projects that seem to provide translations of just a portion of the pages in man-pages, or which are updated only sporadically, or not at all.

The table below lists translation projects that I have some details about. I'll add to it if/when I get details from other projects.

Language Description Status
French The currently active French translation is maintained within the perkamon project. It is based on extraordinary earlier translation work performed by two individuals, Christophe Blaess and Alain Portal. Information (French only) and downloads are available at The workflow used by the French translation team can easily be adapted to other languages, see information (in English) at Active as at Jan 2014.
German The Debian project is using po4a to update the German translation of man-pages. Information and downloads are available at Active as at Jan 2014.
Italian L'Italian Linux Documentation Project (ILDP) si occupa della traduzione in italiano delle pagine di manuale contenute nel pacchetto man-pages mantenuto da Michael Kerrisk, ma anche di tutte le altre pagine di manuale solitamente distribuite insieme ai relativi software. Attualmente le pagine tradotte sono solo una piccola parte del totale. Per dare una mano potete fare riferimento al sito, in particolare alle pagine: e La versione piu' aggiornata di queste pagine e' scaricabile all'indirizzo Per correzioni, aggiunte e problemi potete scrivere a Elisa, all'indirizzo per i complimenti invece scrivete alla lista, all'indirizzo :-)

The Italian Linux Documentation Project (ILDP) takes care of the translation into Italian of both the man pages contained in the man-pages package, maintained by Michael Kerrisk, and of the man pages not included in this package, that are usually distributed together with the program they belong to. Until now we have a small number of pages translated. If you want to participate in the ILDP, you can refer to, in particular to the following web pages: and You can download the latest version of the Italian man pages from Please send corrections, additions and communicate problems with the translated man pages to Elisa, If you want to congratulate for the well done job, you can write to our mailing list, at the address :-)
Active as at Jun 2008
Active as at 2011