Chapter 10. Internal Functions

Table of Contents

z8530_read_port — Architecture specific interface function
z8530_write_port — Architecture specific interface function
read_zsreg — Read a register from a Z85230
read_zsdata — Read the data port of a Z8530 channel
write_zsreg — Write to a Z8530 channel register
write_zsctrl — Write to a Z8530 control register
write_zsdata — Write to a Z8530 control register
z8530_flush_fifo — Flush on chip RX FIFO
z8530_rtsdtr — Control the outgoing DTS/RTS line
z8530_rx — Handle a PIO receive event
z8530_tx — Handle a PIO transmit event
z8530_status — Handle a PIO status exception
z8530_dma_rx — Handle a DMA RX event
z8530_dma_tx — Handle a DMA TX event
z8530_dma_status — Handle a DMA status exception
z8530_rx_clear — Handle RX events from a stopped chip
z8530_tx_clear — Handle TX events from a stopped chip
z8530_status_clear — Handle status events from a stopped chip
z8530_tx_begin — Begin packet transmission
z8530_tx_done — TX complete callback
z8530_rx_done — Receive completion callback
spans_boundary — Check a packet can be ISA DMA'd