usb_reset_device — warn interface drivers and perform a USB port reset


int usb_reset_device (struct usb_device * udev);



device to reset (not in SUSPENDED or NOTATTACHED state)


Warns all drivers bound to registered interfaces (using their pre_reset method), performs the port reset, and then lets the drivers know that the reset is over (using their post_reset method).


The same as for usb_reset_and_verify_device.


The caller must own the device lock. For example, it's safe to use this from a driver probe routine after downloading new firmware. For calls that might not occur during probe, drivers should lock the device using usb_lock_device_for_reset.

If an interface is currently being probed or disconnected, we assume its driver knows how to handle resets. For all other interfaces, if the driver doesn't have pre_reset and post_reset methods then we attempt to unbind it and rebind afterward.