superhyway_add_device — Add a SuperHyway module


int superhyway_add_device (unsigned long base,
 struct superhyway_device * sdev,
 struct superhyway_bus * bus);



Physical address where module is mapped.


SuperHyway device to add, or NULL to allocate a new one.


Bus where SuperHyway module resides.


This is responsible for adding a new SuperHyway module. This sets up a new struct superhyway_device for the module being added if sdev == NULL.

Devices are initially added in the order that they are scanned (from the top-down of the memory map), and are assigned an ID based on the order that they are added. Any manual addition of a module will thus get the ID after the devices already discovered regardless of where it resides in memory.

Further work can and should be done in superhyway_scan_bus, to be sure that any new modules are properly discovered and subsequently registered.