srp_reconnect_rport — reconnect to an SRP target port


int srp_reconnect_rport (struct srp_rport * rport);



SRP target port.


Blocks SCSI command queueing before invoking reconnect such that queuecommand won't be invoked concurrently with reconnect from outside the SCSI EH. This is important since a reconnect implementation may reallocate resources needed by queuecommand.


- This function neither waits until outstanding requests have finished nor tries to abort these. It is the responsibility of the reconnect function to finish outstanding commands before reconnecting to the target port. - It is the responsibility of the caller to ensure that the resources reallocated by the reconnect function won't be used while this function is in progress. One possible strategy is to invoke this function from the context of the SCSI EH thread only. Another possible strategy is to lock the rport mutex inside each SCSI LLD callback that can be invoked by the SCSI EH (the scsi_host_template.eh_*() functions and also the scsi_host_template.queuecommand function).