scsi_sequential_lun_scan — sequentially scan a SCSI target


void scsi_sequential_lun_scan (struct scsi_target * starget,
 int bflags,
 int scsi_level,
 enum scsi_scan_mode rescan);


struct scsi_target * starget

pointer to target structure to scan

int bflags

black/white list flag for LUN 0

int scsi_level

Which version of the standard does this device adhere to

enum scsi_scan_mode rescan

passed to scsi_probe_add_lun


Generally, scan from LUN 1 (LUN 0 is assumed to already have been scanned) to some maximum lun until a LUN is found with no device attached. Use the bflags to figure out any oddities.

Modifies sdevscan->lun.