scsi_probe_and_add_lun — probe a LUN, if a LUN is found add it


int scsi_probe_and_add_lun (struct scsi_target * starget,
 u64 lun,
 int * bflagsp,
 struct scsi_device ** sdevp,
 enum scsi_scan_mode rescan,
 void * hostdata);


struct scsi_target * starget

pointer to target device structure

u64 lun

LUN of target device

int * bflagsp

store bflags here if not NULL

struct scsi_device ** sdevp

probe the LUN corresponding to this scsi_device

enum scsi_scan_mode rescan

if not equal to SCSI_SCAN_INITIAL skip some code only needed on first scan

void * hostdata

passed to scsi_alloc_sdev


Call scsi_probe_lun, if a LUN with an attached device is found, allocate and set it up by calling scsi_add_lun.


SCSI_SCAN_NO_RESPONSE: could not allocate or setup a scsi_device SCSI_SCAN_TARGET_PRESENT: target responded, but no device is attached at the LUN SCSI_SCAN_LUN_PRESENT: a new scsi_device was allocated and initialized