scsi_internal_device_block — internal function to put a device temporarily into the SDEV_BLOCK state


int scsi_internal_device_block (struct scsi_device * sdev,
 bool wait);


struct scsi_device * sdev

device to block

bool wait

Whether or not to wait until ongoing .queuecommand / .queue_rq calls have finished.


Block request made by scsi lld's to temporarily stop all scsi commands on the specified device. May sleep.

Returns zero if successful or error if not


This routine transitions the device to the SDEV_BLOCK state (which must be a legal transition). When the device is in this state, all commands are deferred until the scsi lld reenables the device with scsi_device_unblock or device_block_tmo fires.

To do: avoid that scsi_send_eh_cmnd calls queuecommand after scsi_internal_device_block has blocked a SCSI device and also remove the rport mutex lock and unlock calls from srp_queuecommand.