scsi_eh_prep_cmnd — Save a scsi command info as part of error recovery


void scsi_eh_prep_cmnd (struct scsi_cmnd * scmd,
 struct scsi_eh_save * ses,
 unsigned char * cmnd,
 int cmnd_size,
 unsigned sense_bytes);


struct scsi_cmnd * scmd

SCSI command structure to hijack

struct scsi_eh_save * ses

structure to save restore information

unsigned char * cmnd

CDB to send. Can be NULL if no new cmnd is needed

int cmnd_size

size in bytes of cmnd (must be <= BLK_MAX_CDB)

unsigned sense_bytes

size of sense data to copy. or 0 (if != 0 cmnd is ignored)


This function is used to save a scsi command information before re-execution as part of the error recovery process. If sense_bytes is 0 the command sent must be one that does not transfer any data. If sense_bytes != 0 cmnd is ignored and this functions sets up a REQUEST_SENSE command and cmnd buffers to read sense_bytes into scmd->sense_buffer.