PHY Support

phy_print_status — Convenience function to print out the current phy status
phy_aneg_done — return auto-negotiation status
phy_ethtool_sset — generic ethtool sset function, handles all the details
phy_mii_ioctl — generic PHY MII ioctl interface
phy_start_aneg — start auto-negotiation for this PHY device
phy_start_interrupts — request and enable interrupts for a PHY device
phy_stop_interrupts — disable interrupts from a PHY device
phy_stop — Bring down the PHY link, and stop checking the status
phy_start — start or restart a PHY device
phy_mac_interrupt — MAC says the link has changed
phy_init_eee — init and check the EEE feature
phy_get_eee_err — report the EEE wake error count
phy_ethtool_get_eee — get EEE supported and status
phy_ethtool_set_eee — set EEE supported and status
phy_clear_interrupt — Ack the phy device's interrupt
phy_config_interrupt — configure the PHY device for the requested interrupts
phy_lookup_setting — lookup a PHY setting
phy_find_valid — find a PHY setting that matches the requested parameters
phy_supported_speeds — return all speeds currently supported by a phy device
phy_check_valid — check if there is a valid PHY setting which matches speed, duplex, and feature mask
phy_sanitize_settings — make sure the PHY is set to supported speed and duplex
phy_start_aneg_priv — start auto-negotiation for this PHY device
phy_start_machine — start PHY state machine tracking
phy_trigger_machine — trigger the state machine to run
phy_stop_machine — stop the PHY state machine tracking
phy_error — enter HALTED state for this PHY device
phy_interrupt — PHY interrupt handler
phy_enable_interrupts — Enable the interrupts from the PHY side
phy_disable_interrupts — Disable the PHY interrupts from the PHY side
phy_change — Called by the phy_interrupt to handle PHY changes
phy_change_work — Scheduled by the phy_mac_interrupt to handle PHY changes
phy_state_machine — Handle the state machine
phy_register_fixup — creates a new phy_fixup and adds it to the list
phy_unregister_fixup — remove a phy_fixup from the list
get_phy_device — reads the specified PHY device and returns its phy_device struct
phy_device_register — Register the phy device on the MDIO bus
phy_device_remove — Remove a previously registered phy device from the MDIO bus
phy_find_first — finds the first PHY device on the bus
phy_connect_direct — connect an ethernet device to a specific phy_device
phy_connect — connect an ethernet device to a PHY device
phy_disconnect — disable interrupts, stop state machine, and detach a PHY device
phy_attach_direct — attach a network device to a given PHY device pointer
phy_attach — attach a network device to a particular PHY device
phy_detach — detach a PHY device from its network device
genphy_setup_forced — configures/forces speed/duplex from phydev
genphy_restart_aneg — Enable and Restart Autonegotiation
genphy_config_aneg — restart auto-negotiation or write BMCR
genphy_aneg_done — return auto-negotiation status
genphy_update_link — update link status in phydev
genphy_read_status — check the link status and update current link state
genphy_soft_reset — software reset the PHY via BMCR_RESET bit
phy_driver_register — register a phy_driver with the PHY layer
get_phy_c45_ids — reads the specified addr for its 802.3-c45 IDs.
get_phy_id — reads the specified addr for its ID.
phy_prepare_link — prepares the PHY layer to monitor link status
phy_poll_reset — Safely wait until a PHY reset has properly completed
genphy_config_advert — sanitize and advertise auto-negotiation parameters
genphy_config_eee_advert — disable unwanted eee mode advertisement
phy_probe — probe and init a PHY device
mdiobus_alloc_size — allocate a mii_bus structure
devm_mdiobus_alloc_size Resource-managed mdiobus_alloc_size
devm_mdiobus_free Resource-managed mdiobus_free
of_mdio_find_bus — Given an mii_bus node, find the mii_bus.
__mdiobus_register — bring up all the PHYs on a given bus and attach them to bus
mdiobus_free — free a struct mii_bus
mdiobus_scan — scan a bus for MDIO devices.
mdiobus_read_nested — Nested version of the mdiobus_read function
mdiobus_read — Convenience function for reading a given MII mgmt register
mdiobus_write_nested — Nested version of the mdiobus_write function
mdiobus_write — Convenience function for writing a given MII mgmt register
mdiobus_release — mii_bus device release callback
mdiobus_create_device — create a full MDIO device given a mdio_board_info structure
mdio_bus_match — determine if given MDIO driver supports the given MDIO device