Chapter 9. Structures

Table of Contents

struct nand_id — NAND id structure
struct nand_hw_control — Control structure for hardware controller (e.g ECC generator) shared among independent devices
struct nand_ecc_ctrl — Control structure for ECC
struct nand_buffers — buffer structure for read/write
struct nand_sdr_timings — SDR NAND chip timings
enum nand_data_interface_type — NAND interface timing type
struct nand_data_interface — NAND interface timing
nand_get_sdr_timings — get SDR timing from data interface
struct nand_manufacturer_ops — NAND Manufacturer operations
struct nand_chip — NAND Private Flash Chip Data
struct nand_flash_dev — NAND Flash Device ID Structure
struct nand_manufacturer — NAND Flash Manufacturer structure
struct platform_nand_chip — chip level device structure
struct platform_nand_ctrl — controller level device structure
struct platform_nand_data — container structure for platform-specific data

This chapter contains the autogenerated documentation of the structures which are used in the NAND driver and might be relevant for a driver developer. Each struct member has a short description which is marked with an [XXX] identifier. See the chapter "Documentation hints" for an explanation.