Bad block table related constants

These constants describe the options used for bad block table descriptors.

/* Options for the bad block table descriptors */

/* The number of bits used per block in the bbt on the device */
#define NAND_BBT_NRBITS_MSK	0x0000000F
#define NAND_BBT_1BIT		0x00000001
#define NAND_BBT_2BIT		0x00000002
#define NAND_BBT_4BIT		0x00000004
#define NAND_BBT_8BIT		0x00000008
/* The bad block table is in the last good block of the device */
#define	NAND_BBT_LASTBLOCK	0x00000010
/* The bbt is at the given page, else we must scan for the bbt */
#define NAND_BBT_ABSPAGE	0x00000020
/* bbt is stored per chip on multichip devices */
#define NAND_BBT_PERCHIP	0x00000080
/* bbt has a version counter at offset veroffs */
#define NAND_BBT_VERSION	0x00000100
/* Create a bbt if none axists */
#define NAND_BBT_CREATE		0x00000200
/* Write bbt if necessary */
#define NAND_BBT_WRITE		0x00001000
/* Read and write back block contents when writing bbt */
#define NAND_BBT_SAVECONTENT	0x00002000