struct platform_nand_chip — chip level device structure


struct platform_nand_chip {
  int nr_chips;
  int chip_offset;
  int nr_partitions;
  struct mtd_partition * partitions;
  int chip_delay;
  unsigned int options;
  unsigned int bbt_options;
  const char ** part_probe_types;


int nr_chips

max. number of chips to scan for

int chip_offset

chip number offset

int nr_partitions

number of partitions pointed to by partitions (or zero)

struct mtd_partition * partitions

mtd partition list

int chip_delay

R/B delay value in us

unsigned int options

Option flags, e.g. 16bit buswidth

unsigned int bbt_options

BBT option flags, e.g. NAND_BBT_USE_FLASH

const char ** part_probe_types

NULL-terminated array of probe types