nand_check_erased_buf — check if a buffer contains (almost) only 0xff data


int nand_check_erased_buf (void * buf,
 int len,
 int bitflips_threshold);


void * buf

buffer to test

int len

buffer length

int bitflips_threshold

maximum number of bitflips


Check if a buffer contains only 0xff, which means the underlying region has been erased and is ready to be programmed. The bitflips_threshold specify the maximum number of bitflips before considering the region is not erased.


The logic of this function has been extracted from the memweight implementation, except that nand_check_erased_buf function exit before testing the whole buffer if the number of bitflips exceed the bitflips_threshold value.

Returns a positive number of bitflips less than or equal to bitflips_threshold, or -ERROR_CODE for bitflips in excess of the threshold.