nand_block_markbad_lowlevel — mark a block bad


int nand_block_markbad_lowlevel (struct mtd_info * mtd,
 loff_t ofs);


struct mtd_info * mtd

MTD device structure

loff_t ofs

offset from device start


This function performs the generic NAND bad block marking steps (i.e., bad block table(s) and/or marker(s)). We only allow the hardware driver to specify how to write bad block markers to OOB (chip->block_markbad).

We try operations in the following order: (1) erase the affected block, to allow OOB marker to be written cleanly (2) write bad block marker to OOB area of affected block (unless flag NAND_BBT_NO_OOB_BBM is present) (3) update the BBT Note that we retain the first error encountered in (2) or (3), finish the procedures, and dump the error in the end.