get_bbt_block — Get the first valid eraseblock suitable to store a BBT


int get_bbt_block (struct nand_chip * this,
 struct nand_bbt_descr * td,
 struct nand_bbt_descr * md,
 int chip);


struct nand_chip * this

the NAND device

struct nand_bbt_descr * td

the BBT description

struct nand_bbt_descr * md

the mirror BBT descriptor

int chip

the CHIP selector


This functions returns a positive block number pointing a valid eraseblock suitable to store a BBT (i.e. in the range reserved for BBT), or -ENOSPC if all blocks are already used of marked bad. If td->pages[chip] was already pointing to a valid block we re-use it, otherwise we search for the next valid one.