struct rs_control — rs control structure


struct rs_control {
  int mm;
  int nn;
  uint16_t * alpha_to;
  uint16_t * index_of;
  uint16_t * genpoly;
  int nroots;
  int fcr;
  int prim;
  int iprim;
  int gfpoly;
  int (* gffunc) (int);
  int users;
  struct list_head list;


int mm

Bits per symbol

int nn

Symbols per block (= (1<<mm)-1)

uint16_t * alpha_to

log lookup table

uint16_t * index_of

Antilog lookup table

uint16_t * genpoly

Generator polynomial

int nroots

Number of generator roots = number of parity symbols

int fcr

First consecutive root, index form

int prim

Primitive element, index form

int iprim

prim-th root of 1, index form

int gfpoly

The primitive generator polynominal

int (*)(int) gffunc

Function to generate the field, if non-canonical representation

int users

Users of this structure

struct list_head list

List entry for the rs control list