handle_early_requeue_pi_wakeup — Detect early wakeup on the initial futex


int handle_early_requeue_pi_wakeup (struct futex_hash_bucket * hb,
 struct futex_q * q,
 union futex_key * key2,
 struct hrtimer_sleeper * timeout);


struct futex_hash_bucket * hb

the hash_bucket futex_q was original enqueued on

struct futex_q * q

the futex_q woken while waiting to be requeued

union futex_key * key2

the futex_key of the requeue target futex

struct hrtimer_sleeper * timeout

the timeout associated with the wait (NULL if none)


Detect if the task was woken on the initial futex as opposed to the requeue target futex. If so, determine if it was a timeout or a signal that caused the wakeup and return the appropriate error code to the caller. Must be called with the hb lock held.


0 = no early wakeup detected; <0 = -ETIMEDOUT or -ERESTARTNOINTR