request_any_context_irq — allocate an interrupt line


int request_any_context_irq (unsigned int irq,
 irq_handler_t handler,
 unsigned long flags,
 const char * name,
 void * dev_id);


unsigned int irq

Interrupt line to allocate

irq_handler_t handler

Function to be called when the IRQ occurs. Threaded handler for threaded interrupts.

unsigned long flags

Interrupt type flags

const char * name

An ascii name for the claiming device

void * dev_id

A cookie passed back to the handler function


This call allocates interrupt resources and enables the interrupt line and IRQ handling. It selects either a hardirq or threaded handling method depending on the context.

On failure, it returns a negative value. On success, it returns either IRQC_IS_HARDIRQ or IRQC_IS_NESTED.